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Domestic Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Who are Chamjet ?
Answer: Chamjet Ltd is a company based in Preston, Lancashire U.K. We have supplied and serviced Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Lancashire for over 10 years and continue to do so. We have spent many hours designing this website to help the Domestic Pressure Washer user. Please feel safe in the knowledge that this website uses Premium Secure Credit Card transaction processing by Worldpay. We welcome comments and feedback regarding your experience here.
Question: My Pressure Washer Gun or Hose broke. You sell many versions, which version fits my machine.
Answer: Manufacturers often fit more than one style of gun to any model. Look at the photos of the gun or hose styles for you brand of machine. The most important issue is often the connection style between the gun and the hose.
Question: Can i buy parts for my Pressure Washer, Vacuum or Steam Cleaner like switches and pump repair kits
Answer: Use the search facility to find your model or your specific part number. If your machine is found then common spares will be listed. If you can't find what you require, just use the contact form bellow and we will help you.
Question: My Pressure Washer runs at half pressure and gun vibrates at a rate of several times a second
Answer: Pump has lost compression from a cylinder (usually have 3) - could be blockage or siezed piston
Question: I noticed there are quite a few choices of type of lance. Is there anywhere where it explains the uses of each one to aid an informed choice?
Answer: The Two-Way lance has two pressure settings: high for universal use and low for chemical application.
Variospray or Variopress is the same as two way but has infinate pressure control rather than just the two settings (high/low).
The Dirtblaster or Turbo lance has a ripping effect created by a rotating jet that is good for cleaning hard stone and brick surface but not for cars and can splinter wood !
Variojet will change the jet shape from a thin pencil jet throught to a wide fan in graduations - this is so you can wash normally with fan then blast a difficult area with pencil.
Multireg has both "Two-way" and "Variojet" functions.
Karcher are the only supplier to offer a Four-Way lance that has all of these functions !
Question: My Pressure Washer seems to pulse and surge at a 1-3 second cycle
Answer: Lance Nozzle maybe damaged - try another nozzle or replace it with new.
Question: My High Pressure hose has burst can it be repaired
Answer: It is always better to replace the hose with a new one -
Question: My Pressure Washer runs but produces no pressure
  • Check the water supply tap is open.
  • Check the inlet filter is clear.
  • Remove the lance nozzle and check water is released by the gun.
  • Try a differant lance nozzle .
  • If your machine has a gearbox it may have sheared the pump drive.
  • The unloader relief valve, inside the pump, maybe seized or damaged.
  • Dirt or Grit in the pump could be effecting the open / close operation of the main valves.
  • Wear to the pump plunger (piston) water seals could be creating air-locks in the pump. A sign of this can also be water dripping from behind the pump.
  • Question: The Pressure Washer Stops and Starts Electrically as if i'm pressing and releasing the trigger in rapid succession.
    (only applies to machines that switch off when you release the trigger during use)
    Answer: When you release the trigger the pressure inside the pump rises above working pressure. Once it reaches a set control pressure (around 20% higher than working pressure) a sprung loaded piston actuates a switch thus stopping the machine. The machine will stay switched OFF whilst the pressure is trapped between the pump and the trigger gun valve. Squeezing the trigger releases the trapped pressure and the control piston returns to its resting position thus starting the machine. If a leak forms somewhere in the sytem the trapped pressure will leak away. The time taken for the pressure to leak away depends on the size of the leak. If the pressure is still full during normal use, your fault will lie in the outlet manifold - replace. Sometimes the leak can be from the inlet non-return valve or NRV which is located in the inlet elbow as the water enters the pump. Check for obvious leaks from the gun or hose connections !
    Question: My Pressure Washer, Vacuum or Steamer is not listed on your site!
    Answer: Please use the form bellow so that we may help you and update our site
    Question: My Pressure Washer just buzzes or hummms when i switch on and then blows the fuse.
    Answer: The motor is damaged or may require a new start capacitor. The capacitor is a cylinder (approx 50mm x 100mm) wired to the motor. Check the Capacitor for swelling or blistering. Capacitor damage is often caused by using an extension flex cable that has wires that are too small to let enough electric through.
    Question: My Pressure Washer does nothing when i switch on...
    Answer: Check the electrical supply (try another appliance in the socket). Check the fuse in the plug. Remove the lance nozzle and sqeeze the trigger then try the switch. Remove the High Pressure Hose then try the switch. If your machine usually switches off when you release the trigger then this control system my be damaged. The ON/OFF switch or switch linkage may be damaged.
    Question: Will accessories from my old Pressure Washer fit onto my new Pressure Washer.
    Answer: If they are both from the same manufacturer you should be OK. It is important not to swap the high pressure lance nozzles from one machine to another as this may cause damage. Each high pressure lance has a special sized nozzle oriface.
    Question: Do you have an agent in my area, where I can take my Pressure Washer, Vacuum or Steam Cleaner ?
    Answer: Chamjet are based in Preston Lancashire and we trade as a mail order supplier and local repairs. Other companies who repair pressure washers are scattered throughout the U.K. but we do not have all their contact details.

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